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Our Top 5 New Trends

Posted by Casey Tucker on

In our blog post about Paperworld 2018 couple of weeks ago we briefly looked at the new trends for the year. But we're so excited about the new colours, patterning techniques and prints that are expected to be popular that we had to show you some more of our favourites! Here are our top 5 new trend predictions for the stationery industry in 2018...


#1 Colour Blocking 

Simplicity is going to be key this year. Colour Blocking notebooks, and rich bold primary colours are very fashionable. We loved this simple burgundy desk set we saw at Paperworld that demonstrates how less is definitely more this year.

#2 Dip Dye

A few years ago dip-dying was very popular, but that was only as a hair colour. This year dip-dying has gone from being a hair trend to a way of creating dreamy coloured notebooks. We love how the darker colours blend in with the lighter turquoise tones on this Mossery Notebook. This technique is again very simple, but also very effective and we'd love to have a whole shelf full of different coloured pastel dip-dyed books. 



#3 Water colour Marbling

A couple of weeks ago we created our own marbled stationery sets not knowing how popular this technique would be! Filofax are set to release their new Marble range in the coming months which we're excited to be stocking soon, so keep a close eye on our website. We're sure this trend is going to be a hit as the classic white and black pattern is simple yet very effective.

Differently to the classic black and white marbling technique Watercolour marbling uses pastel light colours to create a free flowing marbling effect that we love, and is less traditional than the black and white marble. We'd love to see big A4 notebooks dipped in this cloud-like pattern with matching pen sets or pencil cases. 


#4 Earth Colours

As you can tell already pastel colours are going to be popular this year, but Earth colours are also set to be the next big thing. Natural colours such as moss greens, pearly whites and pale browns will be found everywhere. These simple and lighter colours are supposed to make us feel closer to nature whilst we're working at our desks.

Natural materials such as cardboard and recycled paper will also be making a big impression on brands this year. Raw looking notebooks will bring an authentic look to your desk very soon.

What do you think of this new colour trend?


#5 Flamingos 

Last year Unicorns were the new biggest trend, but this year it's set to be Flamingos! Imagine notebooks patterned with big palm leaves, tropical cacti and pale pink flamingos for this year. We loved how Rössler displayed their new flamingo patterned products at Paperworld, with light green and pink backgrounds and floral framed folders. 


What trends are you most looking forward to this year, the simple colour blocking, intricate watercolour designs or the more funky looking flamingo patterns?


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