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Guess What Else Is New In 2019!

Posted by Lauren Quinn on

A Peek at Pico …

We warned you .. here it is!! The new LIMITED EDITION Lamy Pico Neon Green. Here at Creoly we are all very excited to share this new pen with you. This Pico pen is the perfect for pocket travel and with its bright colour designed to wow your fellow friends and colleagues.  


The Return of Neon

Neon is a range that is coming back fast, from clothes to cars .. so why not pens too?! LAMY’s beautiful Pico will help you keep up with this style in a trendy way. Small and handy, the LAMY pico first shows its full potential when expanded. An innovative pocket pen which transforms to a full-grown ballpoint pen thanks to its sophisticated push mechanism.



What else?

Designed by Franco Clivio, this Lamy Pico comes either with matt or high-gloss chrome-plated or with matt lacquered finish in blue, red, black or glossy white.

Don’t forget to check out our other LIMITED EDITION stock on our website at

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