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Meet The Brand | Kaweco

Posted by Casey Tucker on

After visiting their stall at Paperworld last week, we thought it was about time we introduced you to one of our favourite brands of unique and stylish writing instruments, Kaweco. 


Kaweco's History

Originally established in 1883 as a wooden dip pen manufacturer in Heidelberg, Germany, Kaweco's high quality design meant that they grew quickly becoming a well renowned brand throughout Europe.

It was not until 1912 that the first Kaweco sport came into production. It's compact design made it ideal for sportsmen and officers. To this day the Sport is still a well known and loved design because of its unique shape and timelessly ergonomic octagonal body. 

By 1914 Kaweco had become a major leader in Germany's pen industry, so much so that it won the gold prize at the International Show in Leipzig. 

Kaweco continued to grow, with its brand being bought by various local manufacturers who believed that this was the next big international writing brand. 

However, after the outbreak of World War Two Kaweco was forced to cease its production almost completely due to a decrease in the availability of raw materials and manpower. After a short break, however, Kaweco resumed production on 30th October 1945, and the German Shepherd dog became the heraldic animal and the face of the brand.

After the ups and downs of the early 1900s Kaweco's fame was catapulted internationally when they were licensed to produce a commemorative pen set for the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. The Special Edition Sport set was a massive success and introduced the strong Kaweco brand to the world.

Nowadays Kaweco is regarded as one of the most innovative and unique pen brands. The product range continues to expand and currently Kaweco products are available in over 40 countries worldwide.


The Future of Kaweco

We're excited about Kaweco's new releases this year after visiting them at Paperworld in January. 

Keep an eye out for the timeless Kaweco Sport to be revamped with the addition of the most beautiful rose gold range soon. 

Kaweco are also keeping up with the times by releasing an apple pen grip holder. Compatible with the Apple Pen this is a must for any die hard Kaweco fan as not only does the grip provide practical support when designing on an Ipad, but it also means you can decorate your apple products with this well loved brand's logo.


Why We Love Kaweco 

We love Kaweco because they are a brand who understand the importance of unique designs that keep up with times. Whether it is the iconic Kaweco Classic Sport that catches your eye or the more modern Liliput  or colourful Perkeo collection, Kaweco are sure to have a pen that suits your needs. 

Kaweco's motto of being 'Small in the Pocket, Great in the Hand' still stands today with its unique design being a favourite of many.


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