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Life in Lockdown According to Creoly

Posted by Gaia Ridley on

Hi fellow stationery lovers! Whilst this time might be challenging for many and has had a profound impact on everyone's lives, it can also be a time to revisit your hobbies and passions or spend time honing your craft. There’s no better way to spend lockdown than getting a little bit creative around the home and we at Creoly want to share some of our thoughts and ideas about how you could use some of our best sellers, all of which you can shop from our website.

We’ve noticed that you all seem to be loving the POSCA pens and we’ve recently expanded our range to accommodate your wants and needs! The POSCA PC-1MR Collection pack is flying off the shelves and for good reason. If you’ve never heard of POSCA you can read our ‘Meet the Brand’ blog post which might inspire some of you to pick up a pen and it’s a great way to get all the family involved or even just to explore the ways you can use your pens on your own. Our favourite way to use them is definitely to find rocks and stones around the garden, on the beach or during your social distanced walk in the park and start doodling and drawing on them. Kids love it and it will certainly keep them entertained - just what you need to keep them active and engaged.. 


We are also super excited about the new Lamy special edition range. If you love everything fountain pen, you’ll know that the new range of colours is Aqua, Mango and Violet and we have the fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens as well as Mango T10 ink if you want to be colour coordinated. The colours are bright and they definitely catch your eye - they’re a statement and we like to think they bring some much needed light to our lives while Lamy also continue to deliver the functionality and reliability that you expect of the esteemed brand.


It’s not just all about the new though. We are still loving our Cavallini wraps and they have been a strong fan favourite for years now. We love how you can easily frame them and hang them on the wall, the fact that they are gorgeous is just a plus! In a time of uncertainty and change, it can be nice to take control of your personal spaces and start making small changes that you might not think are so important when you’re out and about all time. It doesn’t have to take lots of effort and money either. These framed wraps are durable and easy to swap around so you can have multiple new wall hangings for a very reasonable rate - much easier if, like me, you have no idea about art but your walls are looking a little bare! We have some hung in our office (see below) and it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in the door and they always generate compliments. 


Lockdown is a time to change things around in your home and perhaps even in your life. It can be an opportunity to find time for the things that are all too easily forgotten. We hope you all can find inspiration where you might least expect and we also hope we can help provide you with some of the resources you need to make visions become realities.

Please enjoy looking around our website and we are sure you will find some items you love - gifts for others to cheer them up or just as a present to yourself and we look forward to packing and shipping your orders out to you!

Gaia x

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