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Traditional vs. Tech

Posted by Casey Tucker on

When we spend most of our time staring at screen, are paper and ink based stationery products a thing of the past? Is it not easier to use your tablet or phone to jot down important notes or even write a lengthy novel?

We looked at different types of writers, doodlers and organisers and why maybe a combination of both the tech and traditional may be the way forward.


Planners vs Digital Calendars

According to Carly Heitlinger from you can accept an email invitation to a meeting or schedule something on your phone, but nothing really sets the reminder in your head until you physically get out your pen and write it into your diary. 

We have to admit there's something very permanent about using paper stationery to get organised. How often do you forget to check your google calendar, but there will always be your trusty diary or Filofax at the bottom of your bag ready to lend a hand at a moments notice?

We love using a Filofax to jot down anything we remember, it's just so easy about picking up a pen and scribbling down a note to yourself. That being said, online calendars are a god-send to unorganised people. Paper stationery products can't remind you of something by sending you an email nor can they alert you when you've got a meeting in the next ten minutes. 

Surely a combination of a trusty Filofax such as this pretty and pale Domino Soft Organiser with diary inserts, and an online calendar will make you the most organised person you know. Never forget a meeting again!


Pens vs. Keyboards

There's something so satisfying about clicking away, writing down anything you want quickly into a long word document. In theory, it's less time consuming than picking up a pen and writing in a notebook, what if you lose the notebook, what if your pen runs out, or what if your hand can't write as fast as you can think?

Yes writing on a computer is easier but is it as enjoyable or even efficient? We love using fountain pens, rollerballs and mechanical pencils to etch our mark on a notebook. Creating swirly fonts and seeing our past jotting downs is just something you can't do with an impersonal keyboard.

Our solution- Stylus Pens! We love the permanency of writing and jotting down notes, but also the ease of keeping notes chronologically organised in something like a tablet. That's why we've invested in this Caran d'Ache Stylus Pen. We can jot away in our notebook, and tap on the screen in one small swoop. This is the perfect example of combining the old and the new to make stationery more useful, and fashionable!


Ink vs Images


Ink gives you the freedom to create free flowing lines and shapes across your page, however it does lead to human error and unalterable mistakes?

A new generation of artists are solely using tablets and desktops to create stunning pieces that can be easily distributed and amended. Sketch away easily on your tablet, with all your tools at the click of a button. Yes, this method is easier and more efficient but we think we'd miss the ink markings and free flowing lines you can achieve with a brush pen or calligraphy nib.

Sometimes is it better to leave your mistakes in your art, after all we're not perfect!


So what's better Paper or Digital?

We think that the question we we should really be askingIs it really the old school traditional vs. the new age writer or would a combination of the two worlds create an easier working and writing environment?

Using paper-based stationery and technological advances to our advantage we can create the best of both worlds to keep our busy lives in order and under control. Styluses prove that even though there's a new way of doing things we're still partly reliant on the traditional paper methods that have been used for years.

So don't worry, paper stationery products will still be around for a long time to come!

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