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How to Create Beautiful DIY Stationery Crafts

Posted by Casey Tucker on

One of our resolutions this year is to be more creative and make things that will help us de-clutter our desks, or add a bit of colour to our working environment. So we looked at DIY stationery that we can create at home in order to brighten up our office.

#1 Marble Stationery

With Filofax soon to release their new range of Marble patterned planners (keep an eye on our website for these in the coming months), this is set to be the new big trend of 2018. We thought we'd add a touch of marble to our stationery sets with this easy craft that makes letter sending that bit more fashionable.

All you need is some ink (you can purchase marbling ink but any water-based ink should work fine), some water, a paint brush, a shallow tray, paper to add the marbling effect to and a paper towel.

Firstly fill the shallow tray with about 2 inches of water and dip your paintbrush in some ink of your choice. Then slowly put the brush with the ink on it on the surface of the water. Experiment with this technique as the longer you hold your brush down the larger the rings of ink will be, creating different effects. Then dip you paint brush in soapy water and gently touch the surface of the water with this brush. This will move the ink to the outside of the tray leaving a circle in the middle for more ink to be placed.

Add different colours of ink, alternating with the soap water until you havea mixture of colours you like. Then simply place your paper on the top of the water for a few seconds until the ink has caught, lift it out and dab it gently with the paper towel.

Once its dry you should have a lovely marbling effect on your paper and are ready to send beautiful letters or cards to your loved ones. Find out more about this craft here!


#2 Personalised Paperclips

Whether you're a big reader who needs a colourful bookmark or a bullet journaler who's forever losing their page these clips are the perfect stationery accessory. 
Simply attach a ribbon or bow to a paperclip to upgrade your boring stationery collection. We love attaching leftover Christmas ribbon to our Creoly Giant Paperclips and using them as place markers in our diaries and notebooks so we can find our references easily and quickly.

#3 Washi Tape Cards 

With our craft resolution we wanted to make more cards to send to our friends and family, so this is the perfect idea. These washi tape cards are super easy to make and look professional and cute. 
All you need is some card, washi tape, a pen and some fine parchment paper. Print out the font of your word as a mirror image and stencil this outline onto the back of the parchment paper.
On the other side tape down the washi tape so it covers the outline of the stencil. Then simply turn over the paper and cute around the mirror image stencil so once you flip the page over you have your finished design. Then just attach to some card for a easy yet impressive effect.
This craft was from omiyage blogs, check out some more of their cute crafts here.

What crafts are you excited to try this year? 


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