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Meet the Brand: POSCA Pens

Posted by Gaia Ridley on

Meet our first new brand of the decade - POSCA Pens!

POSCA have been going for the last 30 years and their paint markers have left their unique stamp on almost every artistic community. From street art to fine art, their influence is undeniable and we are extremely happy to be introducing them into our range of products.


We will be stocking a number of sets including Collection Pack of 16 (1MR), the Sparkling Set of 8 (3M) and a Fluorescent Pack of 4 (5M) whilst also selling Black and White pens (1MR) as singles and 3 packs


These pens are perfect for expressing your creative side wherever you go as they are designed to write on almost every surface and material you can imagine. From ceramics to canvas, wood to walls, it’s no wonder POSCA has been a staple for graffiti artists and has developed a cult following that has spread beyond urban spaces. The pens have been adopted by studio artists and have been instrumental in encouraging more people to experiment beyond a piece of paper. 

POSCA paint markers are now widely acclaimed and their brand continues to grow and inspire new and groundbreaking initiatives. Just Google ‘Flippaper’, and you will learn about their collaboration with the Rhône-Alpes region, an invention which ‘allows users to design pin tables on paper using POSCA markers, and then to play on the table using an ingenious electronic scanning system’. This demonstrates Posca’s ability to be innovative without needing to stray from the basic principles upon which it was founded. With POSCA, the possibilities are endless!

Our Favourite Examples of How to Use!

  1. Using the 1MR tip pens, you can easily doodle on plastic and why not design your own phone case! The tip is thin enough to create fine lines and precise drawings, perfect to transform a plain phone case exactly how you’d like.
  2. Why not try a wider tip? Ever wanted to doodle on your windows and create something special to look at every day? Use the 3M tip pens (of which we are stocking the exciting Sparkling Set of 8) to draw on glass and let your creative juices flow.
  3. The widest tip we stock is the 5M pen. This is great for creating bold, thick lines and our Fluorescent range is fantastic for drawing on metal and they’ll even glow in the dark!

Always remember to spray your masterpieces with varnish to enjoy the longevity of the design whether indoors or out.

I hope you feel inspired to enjoy the products as much as we do and we are proud to support more than just a brand. We are proud to support this artistic community.

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