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Our Top 5 | Stationery Instagrams that Inspire Us

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Instagram is the ultimate place for stationery envy. If you're like us you'll spend hours every day scrolling down your feed, gazing lovingly at beautifully coordinated stationery sets, detailed bullet journal formats and pristine handwriting that you could only dream of replicating. On Instagram people's desks are not cluttered with pen lids, bits of scrap paper or various dried up highlighters, their desks are organised and immaculate and give us the inspiration to make us love our work spaces again. 
In homage to the accounts we are inspired by on Instagram we've compiled a list of the most enviable Instagrammers to follow, that'll make you want to buy so much stationery you won't know what to do with it.


#1 The Ultimate Bullet Journal Inspiration


We've recently become addicted to bullet journaling and aspire to create journals that are creative but also practical. Lena is officially our journaling idol. Her Instagram is the ultimate place for doodle lovers to get motivated and marvel at her bullet layouts that are organised as well as colourful. Never has keeping a diary looked so fun.



#2 Beautiful handwriting you'll want to replicate



Jessica is an Instagrammer that believes that artistry doesn't have to look like perfection. She creates beautiful writings and fonts on scrap paper to produce interesting images that will make you want to pick up a pen and learn calligraphy as soon as possible. Follow Jessica if want to see beautifully written mottos and sayings flood your Instagram feed.

#3 Stationery projects that'll inspire you


Nole is a stationery addict who creates intricate pictures and patterns from the stationery around her. Whether it's simple pastel notebooks or unicorns and biros Nole creates images that bring her stationery to life. She's also set up the tag #dailydoseofpaper where stationery lovers contribute their beautiful designs to create a collection of calming images that capture everyday life.



#4 The real life Stationery Inspiration




Michelle is a lifestyle journaller, paper crafter and blogger that creates the most beautiful images on Instagram. Follow Michelle for simple photos of what stationery should actually look like. She has tea stained journals, paper clipped scrap paper in her diaries and well loved (and used) stamp kits that stationery addicts will lust over.


#5 Typography Heaven 


This account is home to daily typography inspirations that you'll yearn to recreate. Based around creating images using the most beautiful colours and interesting fonts, following the account will inspire you to pick up a pen and write again. We love this account because it is so varied showcasing handwritten typography, as well as graphic design in order to create works of art out of simple sayings and scribbles.

 Remember to follow us on Instagram @creolyuk for more of our stationery loves and beautiful images.

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