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Meet the Brand | Lamy

Posted by Casey Tucker on



Here at Creoly we are big fans of Lamy. Renowned for their stylish, ergonomic and innovative designs Lamy create pens that feel at home on your desk and workspace.

But who are Lamy? Why do we continue to stock them? And why do we think you'll love their products just as much as we do?


So, who are Lamy?

Established over 50 years ago by C. Josef Lamy in Germany, Lamy began as a pioneer in the industry, making pens out of moulded synthetic plastics.

In 1952 Lamy's Streamline Fountain Pen (Lamy 27) revolutionised the industry with it's Tintomatik system that ensured a clean and smooth flow of ink. Since this pen Lamy has been a prolific European brand in the stationery market. 

Although Lamy now produces over 8 million writing instruments a year it still maintains its independent family run business outlook and thus designs pens that all ages yearn to write, doodle and design with. One example of this is Lamy's ABC fountain pen. Specifically designed to create beautiful inkings easily for young writers. Lamy designers worked with educational experts to create a pen with an ergonomically shaped grip assist that provides a natural and relaxed positioning of the fingers. This pen looks to aid the first steps in learning to write and makes the young author feel proud of their stationery with a name label on the pen's head. With Lamy there really is a pen for every member of the family.Lamy ABC Fountain Pen


But, what Lamy do you buy first?

~Did you know we currently have over 50 Lamy products on our site? Ranging from pens and pencils to calligraphy sets Lamy is a brand that caters to your writing needs and desires~

One of our favourite designs is the Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen. This is similar to the iconic Lamy Safari Collection, however Lamy have modified the pen, constructing it out of aluminium so it is lightweight and looks wonderfully polished. This product is also one of our top sellers because of the beautiful colours it is available in. Lamy have designed a take on the traditional primary colours using revamped metallic greens, purples and blues in order to create a pen that looks indestructible yet sleek.


We love Lamy because...

Lamy encompasses everything we love about stationery. It has maintained a classic design over the years whilst also creating pens that evolve to fit the writer's needs. 

We think you'll love Lamy just as much as us. It's a brand you can trust. Long lasting, smooth ink flow and ergonomic design, means that whatever Lamy you choose it'll be your new favourite pen.

 Find out more about the range of Lamy products we sell here.

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