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How to learn to love your desk again

Posted by Casey Tucker on

It's that time of year again, after a thorough spring clean and a busy summer period our work spaces are starting to resemble something out of a nightmare. If you're like us, this season's been so busy that we've ended up with desks littered with pens without lids, scraps of paper with one word on it and enough post it notes dotted around to cover an entire wall.

So, we've decided, in order to enter Autumn with a productive mindset we need a more organised and prettier work space. We need to learn to love our desks again, but how do we turn our spaces from this...

Into this?

#1 Clean 

It's the one we're all dreading, but in reality we need to face the first problem. Our desks have become grubby and cluttered. We can't begin to create a happier work area while it is still littered with rubbish.

We're gonna have to dust, tidy and get rid of those crumpled up post it notes covering our desks if we want to make it a more productive place to sit. Grab a dust cloth, some polish and get to work getting rid of clutter and dirt.

It may be hard to start cleaning but you'll appreciate a clean workspace that creates a clean mind. 


#2 Get creative and coordinated

You don't need to spend loads of money to revamp your desk. Take your pen pots, dishes and file holders and bring the old organisers back to life. Adding a simple stripe of washi tape around a pencil pot can coordinate your desk, giving it a simple colour theme and up cycling your older products.

Or maybe be a little more adventurous and paint some of your organisation stations white or another bold colour in order to add some vibrance to your desk. By adding some love and care to your stationery products you'll improve your attitude towards your desk almost immediately, and you'll start to love your work space again.



#3 Add some green to your life

The old adage of eating your greens to make you feel better, still applies here. However, instead of munching on some broccoli, instead admire the beauty of nature and get a plant. Having something living and green on your desk really brightens up any work space. You can even get a plant that requires very minimal effort, like a cactus that you don't have to worry about watering daily. 

Or even easier - fake it til you make it - and get a fake plant that adds some greenery to your desk, without the pressure of looking after a living thing.



#4 Make it a fun place to be. 

Treat yourself to whimsical yet practical products from brands like NPW. We're loving these emoji colourful mini erasers. You'll be the talk of the office with these cute rubbers that'll make you smile even though you're rubbing out a mistake. A splash of colour never hurt anyone and these cute NPW products certainly add colour and fun to your desk.



#5 Invest in a good chair

Did you know that office workers spend around FIVE years of their lives sitting at a desk?  If we have to sit down for that long then why should we be uncomfortable

Treat yourself and your behind with some comfort to make those long days not feel so long or as uncomfortable.



Learn to love your desk again using simple techniques and changes like the ones above, or even just add a bottle of water to your desk, a comfy cardigan over the back of your chair or raise your laptop so it's eye level. Such simple changes can make your desk a more relaxing and happier place to spend time, and if you like your desk, hopefully you'll become more productive!


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