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Paperworld 2018

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Last weekend we were lucky enough to attend Paperworld, an amazing trade show for stationery suppliers and creatives that showcases the new trends and best brands in the industry. 

Expectations vs. Reality

I was told that this show was going to be big, but I didn't realise just how big it actually was! 

Paperworld is held in Messe Convention Hall in Frankfurt, Germany and sees new and exciting brands, as well as established and popular names come together under one roof and show off their products at an individual stall. 

This massive international event invites over 1,520 exhibitors from around 58 different countries come to show off their products at Paperworld and in 2017 a record number of 33,558 visitors came to see them!

The convention centre is so vast we had to get a shuttle bus to and from the 11+ halls filled with exhibitors.


The Stalls

If you like stationery (let's be honest, who doesn't?) this is a must see exhibition. All your favourite brands are in one place. Every aspect of stationery is covered too, from traditional writing materials, to cards, pencil cases, novelty gifts, there was even a stall all about a staple-less stapler. 

Each stall represents a brand, showcasing their products, new and the originals with people there to talk to you about their business and exciting opportunities. Every brand, it seemed, was trying to out do the other in the most creative ways possible. A stall showcasing coloured storage boxes was made the centre of attention with a giant mural of Sonic the Hedgehog made out of tiny plastic boxes.

 There were so many stalls we had to narrow down some of our favourites...


1. Most Creative Stall |  Molotow. The Original.












A brand that creates markers and spray paint turned their stall into the streets of Frankfurt with a life-sized train on tracks, live music and an interactive graffiti wall with a resident artist. This was such a great way to take paints and markers and make them interesting, inspiring visitors to use their products in different ways.

2. Most Interactive Stall | Kaweco

 Kaweco are already one of our favourite brands so their stall was one we were looking forward to seeing. As well as showing us their new rose gold and amber ranges I was given the chance to make my own Kaweco fountain pen. I was talked through the process, using their specially made presses and machines to secure a nib as well as indent the Kaweco logo on my own pen. 


What I learnt...

Industry Insights 

Paperworld was a great place to meet new suppliers and learn more about the trends of the upcoming year. Panels of judges and big name brands work together to predict the upcoming trends of the year in stationery, and according to the fair there are going to be 2 main strands in 2018...

1. Spirit +Ambition











Bold primary colour blocking and stripes are set to be the next big trend this year. Keep an eye out for lots of deep reds and bright yellows that will brighten up your stationery. in a very simple way.


2. Work + Challenge

 In our work lives earth colours and environmentally friendly stationery will   apparently be very popular this year. Pastel pinks, pearly whites and moss greens will create a sense of nature at our desks. These calming colours are set to be a big hit in the office.

 Paperworld was such an amazing experience to meet new brands as well as see some of our favourite suppliers. We've taken so many pictures of the event, so if you want to see more keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for more Industry Insights and the latest trends for this year!




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