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Our Top Five | Bullet Journal Hacks

Posted by Casey Tucker on

We love any kind of hack to make our lives simpler and more efficient. Since getting into Bullet Journaling we've stumbled upon lots of little hacks that we think improve how you organise your journal, write down your thoughts and make your diary that little bit more colourful! Take a look and see if any of these can help your journaling technique...

#1 Have a Pen to hand

This is a very popular technique with Journalers who are always losing their pens. If you have an elastic band round your journal, for example most Rhodiarama, Leuchttums and our Th[ink] journals have this, then wrap the strap around the bottom left hand corner of your journal. Now you have a diagonal strap across the front of your journal. This allows you to attach pens to your book for journaling whilst travelling, ensuring a pen is always to hand when you feel the urge to jot something down!

(Via LittleCoffeeFox)


#2 Save time with a transferable calendar

If you're an avid Bullet Journaler who likes to have a monthly calendar reference on each page of their diary then this hack will save you a hug amount of time. Instead of rewriting the monthly calendar on each page or constantly having to flick back to the index to see if there are any important dates that week, why not create a monthly view calendar on a post it note. See how one bullet journaler has done this via the above image. Leave space on the top left handed side of each weekly spread for your little portable calendar and transfer the post it note to the next page when you start a new week of that month. This will save you time and effort and makes your page colourful and cute.

#3 Organise your index with colour

Want to easily flick to the right page and find the month you are working on or a particular topic that you've referenced. One bullet Journaler has had a time saving a colourful idea. Simply highlight a square of the edge of your pages that correspond to that topic or month. Then add that colour to the month or topic in your index. This way you can flip open your index page, choose the colour that represents the month you're working on and find that section easily and quickly. Plus it makes your journal look pretty even when its closed! 

#4 Create a Pull Out Key Tab

If you love Bullet Journaling on the go or have a busy lifestyle then this hack will save you time writing lengthy passages and help you remember what all you notes mean. Use Washi tape to attach a piece of paper to flip over. This could contain a legend or key reference to the page you're working on. That way you can easily reference and look back on your notes, making sense of your scribbles.

(via PageFlutter)


#5 Use an envelope for extra storage

If you find yourself collecting excess bits of paper, business cards and photos and need somewhere to store them this hack allows you to keep these excess sheets close by ready for whenever you need them. Simply get an old envelope, or make one yourself out of paper, and secure it into the back of your diary. You can do this with a sturdy adhesive or use Washi tape to add some colour and pattern to your journal. Once its fastened you have yourself a little pocket in which to store excess bits and bobs that may come in handy one day. This really simple hack allows you to store paper without sellotaping them to you page and organises all those things you don't really have a place for.

(Via Little Coffee Fox )

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