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How to Take Care of Your Pens

Posted by Casey Tucker on

When you buy the most perfect pen that writes smoothly, looks sleek and is sturdy enough to last you forever, the last thing you want is for it to be scratched, broken or crushed in the bottom of your bag. We love our pens, so looked at some simple ways to protect them and prevent them from being damaged easily. 


#1 Keep them safe

The best way to take care of your pen is always know where it is. Making sure you keep your pen in a safe place means they are less likely to be damaged floating around in a cluttered drawer. Keep them close to hand and then you’ll never lose them with our Large Pen Holder. This attaches to your notebook and has space for three pens and a ruler. This is great if you're travelling as you will always have your favourite pen close to hand and safely tucked away with your notebook.

#2 Remember to treat the nib with care

If you’re a fan of fountain pens then remember not to put pressure on your pen nib when you write. If you are using a good and long lasting fountain pen pressure shouldn’t be necessary as the ink should flow once it touches the paper and glide across as you write. Applying unnecessary pressure can cause damage to the nib both aesthetically but also internally. So avoid having to buy lots of nibs by writing leisurely and without force.

#3 Use Fresh ink

Old ink can become clotted and cause your pen to be clogged and unusable. If you want to write smoothly make sure that you check the ink you use. If you’re filling up your fountain pen with bottled ink be sure to stir the ink before filtering it into the pen. This will ensure that there are no clumps and the ink flows out of the nib undisturbed. Also try not to store your ink in direct sunlight as this can cause it to fade and lose some of the brilliant colour pigment that first drew you to a particular colour. We have some beautiful coloured inks from Rohrer & Klinger, Diamine and J. Herbin. By filling your pen up with good, fresh and colourful ink you love, your pen will instantly become smoother and more enjoyable to write with.

#4 Use your pen often

The more you use your favourite pen the more it will become accustomed to your hand and writing style. Treat your pen to lovely inks and replace the nib if it becomes old. This will mean that you can use your pen for years to come. If you do plan to store your pen won't be using it straight away or for a while be sure to care for your pen properly. We recommend decanting the ink out of the pen to make sure that no ink become clogged inside the barrel. Then make sure it is protected before putting it away. All of these tips should ensure that your pen is long lasting whether you are using it daily or monthly.

#5 Keep them protected

The best way to look after any pen, whether it be Fountain, Rollerball or Ballpoint, is to make sure that it is protected from external influences. Our Genuine Leather Pen Case provides amply coverage. No longer will you lose and damage your pen when it falls to the bottom of your bag and get crumpled by books and paper. This handy little case keeps your favourite pen protected from scratches and dents in a compact holder. By protecting your pen whilst travelling you can ensure that it is not scuffed or broken easily and looks as good as the day you first bought it!

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