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Meet The Brand | Diamine

Posted by Casey Tucker on

With around 30 different Diamine ink colours available for sale on our site, we decided to look at the history of the company that creates beautiful inks for elegant handwriting.

The History

Making ink since 1864 Diamine are one of the last remaining manufacturers in the UK. Established in London by T. Webster and Co. Diamine have stuck to their roots despite their expansion. 1925 saw the creation of a state-of-the-art production facility in Liverpool. Over the years Diamine has changed hands and now they are located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course.

Produced in the UK the company has expanded to offer drawing, calligraphy inks as well as writing inks.

Today Diamine still remains as one of the most well established ink producing companies. In April 2010 Diamine’s Royal Blue ink was used in the signing of the Nuclear Arms Treaty at Prague Castle by President Obama and Prime Minister Medvedev, proving its longevity and high-quality finish.


The Future

Recently Diamine have released their Shimmering ink range. Mixing traditional inks with metallic particles means that Diamine have created a range of inks that make your writing shine. Ideal for budding artists and creatives the range promises to bring magic and sparkle to you work.

Our favourite Shimmering ink is Pink Glitz. The deep pink beautifully offsets the glittering metallic particles creating a glistening gold finish to the ink pattern. With Pink Glitz

Diamine are catering for their artistic audience and acknowledge that their customers don’t want to just use black ink to write.

We’re excited to see where this new range takes Diamine and look forward to seeing the new ink ideas that come out of their workshop.

We love Diamine because…

The inks that Diamine produce ranges from traditional deep blues and blacks to beautiful light greens and oranges. With Diamine the colour of your writing can match your mood. We love the creativity that comes with using different colours of ink to write, sketch and doodle.

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