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Our 2018 Stationery Resolutions

Posted by Casey Tucker on

The end of 2017 is fast approaching. We've eaten all the turkey we can manage, received too many presents and are ready for a fun filled New Years Eve. So to celebrate the New Year we looked at some of our stationery based resolutions that we want to try to keep next year...

#1 Use more pencils

So this may seem pretty easy but in reality when was the last time you finished an entire pencil?  We love pens and use them everyday, but often we neglect our pencils. Rather than using a whole pencil they often get misplaced or forgotten about at the back of our pencil case. So next year we want to use our pencils more, instead of just losing them.
We've recently started stocking the famous Blackwing pencils, and we're excited to use them in the new year. These luxurious pencils with a smooth graphite core are the perfect gift for any writers or serious doodlers. The history of Blackwing is incredibly interesting as well. Originally a favourite with cartoonist and writers such as John Steinbeck the pencil was discontinued in 1998. Soon after this the pencils could be found popping up on Ebay and, due to their iconic status and limited supply, customers were often paying upwards of $55 for a single pencil! After this they were brought back into circulation and prove to be even more popular today.

#2 Practice Brush Lettering 

Next Year we want to be able to create fabulous fonts and lettering that are Instagram worthy. That's why we're going to focus on learning how to create brush lettering.
Brush lettering is similar to calligraphy, however, by using thicker brush pens and a heavier downward stroke creates a kind of modern calligraphy font.
We're looking forward to trying out this new technique in the coming year to create fancy fonts and slogans on homemade cards and beautiful title pages in our bullet journals.

#3 More Craft Projects

We love creating and making things that help keep our desk tidy or brighten up our workplace. So, for our next resolution we want to focus on creating more paper based crafts.
One that we're definitely going to do next year is to make our own cards. A Birthday, Easter, Valentines, whatever the occasion we're going to source some top quality paper and get designing straight away. Nothing is better than receiving a handmade card that someone has put care into creating and we want to make some beautiful cards for all our friends. Plus we can decorate the cards with some beautiful brush lettering, if we get good enough at it that is!

#4 Start Sketching

This ties in with our resolution to use more pencils quite nicely. We seem to be endlessly writing, jotting down to do lists, and noting down our days in our diaries, but what we want to spend more time doing is sketching. The new year is the ideal time to focus on activities that we can do to relax and unwind from a busy day and sketching will help us do this. 
We've decided to create a 'doodle a day' that can be connected to something that happened that day or even just something random that we really want to draw at that moment in time. Hopefully this will make our diaries more interesting to write as well as read in years to come and help us improve our sketches.

#5 Keep a pocket traveller's notebook

Having a small notebook on you at all times is a great idea that we aim to adopt this coming year. Whenever or wherever inspiration strikes we'll be ready with a pencil and pocket notebook to jot down our latest ideas and musings.
Our favourite pocket notebooks have to be these Memo Books by Field Notes. The perfect size for note taking, they fit snugly into a pocket or small bag. We love them so much we created a Genuine Tan Leather Pocket Notebook Holder for them so we can carry multiple notebooks at once and keep them damage free with a leather cover. Hopefully this resolution will allow us to remember all our creative ideas whilst we're out and about and ensure that whenever inspiration strikes we can make a note of it.
What are your new Years Resolutions? And how many are stationery based likes ours?

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