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Our Christmas Wishlist

Posted by Casey Tucker on


Christmas is just around the corner and we're feeling all festive in the office. The countdown has begun, but some of us are still buying our last few gifts! According to Stationery Trends the theme for stationery this year is set to be a beautiful "Blue Christmas". This got us thinking about our favourite blue products that we'd love to receive in our stockings this year...


#1 For the Trendy Traveller 

Who wouldn't want to upgrade they're boring passport with this pastel blue holder by Katie Loxton. We love this Cover with its embossed Jet Set Go slogan in gold as it adds a touch of class to your trip. The perfect blue accessory for any travelers in the new year!

#2 For the Colourful Stationery Addict 

These colourful clips are the ideal gift for any organised individual. The metallic blues mixed with the tones of deep green and cool purples make these clips stand out from just your boring old fasteners and binders. We love using them to hang up photos, add a bit of colour to batches of boring paper documents or to even use them in scrap booking!
Anyone would be grateful to receive these cute yet practical bulldog clips, presented in a neat tub that sits perfectly on any desk.

#3 For the Stylish Professional 

If your struggling for a gift for your dedicated work colleague or even a writer in your life this mint coloured Fountain Pen by Kaweco makes the ideal present. Reasonably priced this compact pen sticks to Kaweco's classic octagonal design that is timeless as well as trendy. With the sturdy, plastic, mint coloured body this pen is long lasting as well as sleek. 
The perfect gift for any writer this Christmas who loves to keep on top of the latest trends!

#4 For a Sparkly Christmas

Despite only having been stocking these inks for a couple of weeks they have flown off the shelves! Add some glitter to your writing this Christmas with these deep blue and turquoise shimmering inks that make your writing sparkle once dry. Interspersed in the ink is tiny flecks of metallic silver that add a glittering sheen to your writing, creating a 3D effect that will delight any writer or reader. 
The perfect gift for any doodler, sketcher or writer this Christmas to add that extra sparkle. Or just gift it to yourself to make your writing in your Christmas cards that extra special.

#5 For the Practical Writer 

Our final find is perfect for any busy, studious person in your life. This aqua blue clipbook with its textured leather-look cover is sleek as well as incredibly useful. It's ring mechanisms allows notepaper to be replaced and refilled so everything you need is close to hand. It's A5 size means it is compact and portable making it the perfect gift for any student, busy professional or keen organiser in your life.
Let us know what Stationery products you've put on your wishlist! Season's Greetings from all of us at Creoly.

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