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Our Top 5 | Stationery Essentials

Posted by Casey Tucker on

New Year, New Stationery!

It's the start of a New Year, a clean slate and a fresh set of stationery.
We looked at our must have, basic stationery items that you need to build your new pencil case and stationery to bring in a productive New Year.


#1 A Good Everyday Pen 

It's time to ditch the chewed biros and free promotional pens you've been using the past year and treat yourself to a new, reliable pen that you'll love to write with in the New Year. This week we've been loving Rollerball pens. These types of pens are super easy to maintain and glide across the page making writing pleasurable and quick. Our favourite has to be this very affordable Lamy Al-Star Rollerball Pen. Available in brilliant blue this pen is an upgrade from your usual disposable ballpoints but is still just as easy to use.


#2 A Fresh New Notebook

Nothing says a clean slate like a fresh notebook to write down all your thoughts, feelings and resolutions for the new year. This month we're loving the Behance Action Method Journal that encourages organisation. These journals come with sections in pastel blue, bright orange or light green, complimenting the suede-to-the-touch feeling of the hard cover. Although we love plain journals to write down our diary entries we're using these Action Journals this January as it is designed to make you enthusiastic about writing and planning, 'thinking beyond the lines'. We love these journals as they're making us feel more proactive and organised this year!



#3 Time to get Organised with a New Diary

Now, really this should be at the top of our list as it is probably the most essential item you need to start off the New Year productively. Whether you're recycling your old planner from last year, want a brand new colourful holder or just updating your diary refills this is one item you can't forget about.
If you're in the market for a new planner we recommend the Filofax Finsbury Organiser. This personal planner is perfect size for any desk. Similar, if a little bit bigger than A5 size, you can pop the beautiful planner in your bag easily and use it wherever you go.
We still have some 2018 calendar inserts for Filofax planners left, so remember to grab yours before it's too late!


#4 Colourful Sticky Notes

We love sticky notes. They are the perfect thing to note down a quick task or a gentle reminder on and pop it on our desk so we don't forget about it. However, we do admit that sometimes there ends up being piles of used notes dotted around our desk making it look untidy and unorganised. That's why we love these Cavallini 'To Do' Sticky notes. With headings like "Remember!" and "To Do List" we can choose our favourite and most applicable sticky note and place it on our desk. Presented in a vintage tin they're always close at hand and make our desk look clean, tidy and organised again!


#5 Giant Paperclips to tidy all those loose documents

Our final must have for the New Year are our Creoly Giant Paperclips. Available in 3 beautiful colour options and presented in a tidy tub these clips are always placed on our desk, close to hand. Because they're Jumbo sized these clips are perfect for holding large quantities of documents meaning we've got all our papers organised and tidy this New  Year. 
What are you looking to revamp about your desk this year, let us know?

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