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Meet The Brand | Zebra Pens

Posted by Casey Tucker on

This week we wanted to introduce you to a relatively new brand to our website, that we have fallen in love with. Zebra Pens are the brand for you if you want colourful, practical and useful stationery that won't break easily or go out of fashion.


Who are Zebra?



Created in Japan in 1897 Zebra Pens has fast become one of the largest writing instrument companies in the world! Founded by Tokumatsu Ishikawa the symbol of the zebra was quickly adopted. But why the zebra? It's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stationery companies, is it? 

Ishikawa wanted a universal image that would translate globally with his plans for world-wide expansion for the company. Legend has it he opened an English dictionary and, starting at the back, he looked for names that could encapsulate the brand. It obviously didn't take him long to find the perfect name as he soon settled on 'zebra'.

The zebra was an important image as Ishikawa wanted his company and employees to have a similar feel to a herd of zebras. Zebras have a very strong family instinct, looking after their members and, more importantly, working together closely in order to survive. It just so happened that Ishikawa also liked the strong calligraphy-like stripes that a zebra has on its body, creating the zebra as the perfect representation of strength, togetherness and beautiful ink markings. 

Our favourite products...

Currently we stock a small selection of Zebra products that we think you should look at if you want to expand your stationery collection.

Why not try the F-xMD Ballpoint Pen. This is fast becoming one of our most popular products. In a classic silver metallic body this is the perfect pen for everyday use. It's weighted body gives it a professional and it's polished finish makes it look more expensive than it actually is!

We also love this Zebra Expandz Mini Pen that comes in a beautiful small gift box to match its tiny stature. Available in classic Navy Blue this is the perfect pocket size pen, that expands in a unique fashion when you're ready to write. We love this pen as it fits beautifully into any Filofax as a handy accessory.


What does the future hold for Zebra Pens?

Since we only starting selling Zebra pens at the start of this year, we are very excited to expand the range even further. 

From Zebra pens conception in Japan many years ago they have continued to grow their ideas and develop useful products for the everyday stationery addict. We're looking forward to their new releases coming in the Summer which have previously involved shimmering glitter highlighters, funky Sarasa colour fineliners and even artistic brush pens. Keep your eyes peeled on our website to see the latest releases!


Why we love Zebra Pens 

Zebra is all about innovation and developing products that capture the creativity of the user. They are an important brand to us at Creoly as they illustrate that stationery can be both affordable as well as stylish and long lasting.


Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with this exciting brand.

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