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A Place for Everything

Posted by Casey Tucker on

To celebrate National Stationery Week we have launched an amazing giveaway competition over on Twitter and we're getting involved with all the daily stationery themes.

Today's theme is #aplaceforeverything which we think is perfect. Is your desk littered with pens, bits of paper you're not sure if they're important or scrap anymore? We know that this is a daily struggle but, how do you organise your stationery habit so it doesn't become out of control? 

We looked at the best stationery organisation techniques we could find to celebrate this stationery obsession...


#1 Creoly Clips

Before we go any further we have to mention our beautiful Rose Gold Clips. Not only are they featured in our giveaway this week (you really should get involved over on Twitter!), they are also an incredibly important tool in creating #aplaceforeverything. We love the clips and use them all the time to gather all the bits of important paper that are cluttering our desks. 

We also think they're great for organising loose wires and keeping chargers in place for when you need them. Look at how use clips fastened to the side of their desks to de-tangle wires and make sure there's a place for everything!

Gone are the days of using boring paperclips, we're converted to our Creoly Rose Gold Binder Clips! 


#2 Real-Life Pinterest Boards

Do you find that you have a lot of scrap paper, images that you know you want to use or replicate, and they're all stored at the bottom of your desk draw to be forgotten about for weeks. We love this real-life Pinterest hack where you simply attach small clipboards to your desk wall and use the clips of the boards to attach inspirational quotes, scrap paper and images that you need. Not only is it very practical and a great way to organise a place for everything you need, it also looks really cool and adds a bit of colour to your home office.

See how Brit + Co. created theirs here.


#3 Cork Pencil Holder

If you've got a tiny desk or are pushed for space why not try and recreate this cork board pen holder. Simply glue cork coasters together and drill a hole in place so you've got space for your pens and pencils. We love this hack from Design for Mankind as it doubles up as a little cork board which you can fasten reminders on, perfect for utilising a small space!



#4 Secret Jar Storage

If you like to have a tidy desk and want all your bits and bobs hidden from sight, but still accessible so you can grab them when you want, you have to try this hack. Using your own desk (probably don't try this at work) glue the lids of jam jars to the underneath. Then simply fill the jar with paperclips or rubbers that would usually clutter up your desk and screw the jar to the lid that's attached to the desk. 

You have to be careful when unscrewing the jar to get to your precious stationery bits and bobs but apart from that we think this is a genius idea! Thanks!

#5 Cutlery Tray Draw Tidy

If, like us, your top drawer becomes a junk draw, filled with all those things you know you'll need but when you actually open it you can't find anything, then you need to try this hack from Store and Secure. Buy a cutlery tray in any supermarket or homeware store and put it in your desk draw. This way all you spare pens, business cards an rulers can be organised into separate compartments so they're easy to find exactly when you need them!


How do you organise your desk so there is a place for everything, especially when you're stationery addicts like us and have hundreds of pens, pencils and paperclips? Let us know you're hacks and remember to get involved with National Stationery week on Twitter.

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