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Meet the Brand | NPW

Posted by Casey Tucker on

The newest brand to feature on our site is the self proclaimed "Home of design led impulse gifting"!

If you love all things novelty, cute and colourful NPW is the one for you as it encompasses cheekiness. 

To celebrate the release of three new NPW products on our site soon we looked at the the brand, and why we are so excited about its future...


Follow the Trend                                     

NPW are the classic brand to feature on a Buzzfeed List of "Products you didn't know you needed" or "Top 25 gifts to buy yourself right now". Their sense of fun in designing unique items means you'll find a use for pretty much everything they sell.

We're big fans of their practicality as well. Not only will the products sit beautifully on your desk, and be a talking point amongst everyone in the office, but they'll also be pretty useful too. Gone are the days when tape came out of a plastic, clear tape dispenser or Paperclips came in the same bog standard circular shape. With NPW your ordinary office supplies are turned into witty caricatures of pens made out of unicorn heads and rubbers shaped like cute little animal faces. 


The Future of NPW

We're excited to see how NPW develops, at the moment we're loving the Mermaid range and are expanding into mystical themed products such as mermaid decision pens, glittery ocean inspired tape dispensers and of course, the classic mini unicorn eraser pots that are perfect for Christmas gifts.

NPW aren't just focused on stationery though, more and more they're expanding into beauty, lifestyle and fashion products, so be sure to keep an eye out for this.

We Love NPW because...

It's fun but also practical. We never knew we needed mini emoji erasers, but now we have them can't imagine our desks without them. 

Be sure to follow them on social media via the links below and keep an eye out on our site for new NPW products soon!




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