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How to Keep a Travel Journal

Posted by Casey Tucker on

It's that time of year again where we day dream about holidays away from the rain and cold at home. If you are getting ready or planning your next adventure have you ever thought about keeping a travel journal? We've created a Leather Travel Journal that is the ideal addition for any traveler and wanted wanted to learn more about what keeping a travel journal actually entails...

What is a travel Journal? 

Think of your journal as your own personalised guide book. A travel journal's primary aim is to be a space where you can jot down memories creating your own guide, thoughts and feelings and tips about the place you visited. 

Why keep a journal?

The idea of a travel journal is to make the most out of your trip. By jotting down your thoughts it gives you time to learn, reflect on your adventure and new cultures, but also more importantly, allows a space for you to keep memories. 



How to keep a journal?

There are many ways you can use your journal to create a notebook of memories surrounding your trip....

1. You could start your journal even before your trip begins

Some people like to use their journal to plan their upcoming holiday. You could write about your initial expectations, maybe print out a vintage map to include in your title page or write about how you decided on the particular destination. Sometimes this is nice to reflect on after your holiday, how did your expectations change? Was the journey worth it? And do you think you initially planned enough or even too much to do on your holiday?

2. You could create a scrapbook of memories

For this you will need to make sure you pack some Washi tape or adhesive. To create your own personalised travel guide collect business cards from restaurants that you particularly liked or postcards that you never wrote and pop them in your journal. This is an easy way to evoke memories without writing endless paragraphs. Also when you or a friend wants to visit the same country you can quickly look in your journal and recommend the best cafes, activities and sights to see.

3. You could keep your journal brief

If you're not a big fan of cutting and sticking, doodling and writing long diary entries you can make your journal very simple. Allot time to jot down your activities for that day. Maybe whilst you're eating your breakfast you could open your notebook and briefly bullet point your thoughts and feelings, what you expect to do and how you're finding your new temporary home. By assigning just a small period of your day to writing you give yourself time to reflect and learn from your holiday without taking too much time away from exploring. 

However you decide to structure your journal is up to you, whether you decide to keep mementos, just jot down anecdotes or write lengthy reflective diary entries about your trip, keeping a journal is a nice way to remember a holiday. As long as you create a place where you can record memories about your adventure you've created a travel journal!

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