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How to be Productive this Summer

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Finally, it’s beginning to feel like summer again. We’ve got the barbecue out in the garden, our flip flops by the door ready to run to the beach and our sunglasses permanently resting on our heads.

However, those deadlines don’t disappear just because the sun’s come out.

But how can we focus on work when the weather’s so glorious?

~ Creoly is here to help ~

We’ve found the perfect products, for your desk that will inspire you to be productive so you have more time to enjoy the long summer evenings.

#1 Treat yourself to something you want to write in

All good work, we believe, starts with a beautiful notebook. You’ll find yourself eager to begin writing straight away with this luxurious Handmade ‘Love Heart’ Embossed Leather Journal

Sometimes all you need is to treat yourself to a charming notebook in order to start planning your schedule more efficiently. However, be careful not to just doodle away the hours on the cotton rich paper.


#2 Follow the Two Minute Rule

This is a simple one that you can put to use straight away. The whole idea is that if you see a task that you know will take less than 2 minutes to complete, do it immediately. Although this may seem dis-organised as you may have to put another longer task on hold, we promise you it really works. This makes use of the little pockets of time you have at work, and instead of thinking about that quick email you had to send all weekend you can get it out of the way quickly and focus on the longer more laborious tasks at leisure.


#3 Get a fancy new pen

If you have hundreds of cheap ballpoint pens scattered around your office, chucked in drawers, cluttering up your desk why not invest in a perfect pen that makes writing and jotting down ideas smooth and beautiful.

A fountain pen is the easiest way to create intricate doodles and beautiful inked writing all over your page. One of our favourite pens to write with is the Kaweco Skyline Fountain Pen. This pen is one to marvel at as it’s cool chalk and pastel blue colours smarten up your pen pot and its ergonomic design makes your writing smooth. This pen brings back the joy of writing by hand rather than typing on a keyboard and in no time you’ll want to ditch the buttons and doodle for days with your new pen.


#4 Organisation is key

If you’re dreading starting work because you’ve got a pile of jobs to finish it can be hard to even get started. Although we can’t just make all that work disappear we can suggest grabbing the bull by the horns and using an Organiser to plan, list and just generally take control of your day-to-day life. We have all the Organisers you could ever dream of.

Whether you're looking for a sleek, leather Filofax to smarten up your desk or desire an ink blot blue Patterned Pocket Planner covered in delicate flowers and leaves we have something to suit your needs.

And, let’s be honest, nothing entices you more to start getting to work than that feeling of opening up your organiser and ticking off that last task on your to do list.  


#5 Make your desk a fun place to work

Learn to love your desk again with a product from NPW. This brand loves to create fun, yet practical products that add a bit of colour to your life.

One of our favourites is the Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser. You’ll be the talk of the office with this cute addition to your desk and we find the tape really useful in bullet journaling and marking tasks in your diary. So this unicorn is not just a pretty face, he’s practical as well!

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