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Meet the Brand | J. Herbin

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Meet the oldest name in ink production in the world! Jacques Herbin is an iconic ink and writing supplies brand that has been around since 1670 and still continues to create elegant products that are used world wide!

Who are J. Herbin ?

J. Herbin was initially established in 1670 as a ink production company.
Mr Jacques Herbin was actually a sailor who, during his many journeys to India, discovered and brought back formulas for sealing wax back to his hometown of Paris.
After creating pen inks such as 'La Perle des Encres' and 'L'Encre des Vaisseaux' J. Herbin rose to prominence quickly amongst local and international traders.
In 1798 the fourth generation of Herbin, also named Jacques relocated the workshop to Rue des Fosses-Saint-Germain-L'Auxerrois in Paris. 
J. Herbin continued to develop new inks with famous faces as regular clients such as Coco Chanel and Louis XIV. J. Herbin even created a special black ink specifically for French writer Victor Hugo.
Today J. Herbin is still a well known name producing beautiful fountain pen, calligraphy and writing inks, gift sets and accessories. And the finishing touches on the bottles are still done, by hand, in Paris!

Our favourite J. Herbin products

Although this collection was only introduced in 2010 it perfectly encapsulates Herbin's history and elegant style. 
The collection created to commemorate J. Herbin's 340th anniversary has 5 beautiful colours; Rouge Hematite, Bleu Ocean, Stormy Grey, Emeraude de Chivor and Caroube de Chypre. 

What does the future hold for the world's oldest ink brand?

After an initial beginning just creating wax seals J. Herbin has developed and expanded the range to include beautiful inks, nibs and even gift sets. This year we're excited to see J. Herbin's scented inks made from floral water of roses, lavender, apples and violets!
Keep an eye on our website for more of the J. Herbin collection soon.


We love J. Herbin because...

This is the brand that started it all, ink wise. Despite being around since 1670 J. Herbin are focused on creating exciting products that are consistent with the high quality inks that the brand produced when it started so many years ago. In a changing technological world J. Herbin represents the elegance and beauty in writing ink transforming us back to the past.

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