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How To Create Cute Easter Stationery

Posted by Casey Tucker on

The snow seems to have gone and spring is just around the corner. We're looking forward to all the chocolate, daffodils and cute bunnies that Easter has to offer so thought we'd try our hands at making some easy stationery crafts to celebrate the season!

#1 Colourful Chick Envelopes 

With National Stationery week coming up next month we're focusing on handwriting and these Easter envelopes are the perfect excuse to send a personalised letter to our friends this week. Follow this simple video by Red Ted Art to create them...



#2 Bunny Garland 

Thanks to this crafts is very simple to make simply cut around a template of a bunny onto some colourful card to create your outline. 
Next just attach the bunnies to a piece of string or yarn, spacing them evenly so you have your garland ready to hang up!
If you're feeling adventurous we love these cute pompom tails that you can add to the back of the bunny for a 3D effect.

#3 Easter Egg Art

If you're looking for a more minimalist craft this holiday we recommend using bits of scrap paper, wrapping paper and stationery to create this chic Paper Egg picture. Layer the paper strips on a piece of white card then, once you've attached them place another piece of card with an oval cut out of it over the top so the pattern is framed into an egg shape.
We like this idea so much we've created smaller versions to attach to the front of our Easter Cards!


#4 Bunny Bookmarks

Made by Red Ted Art this YouTube video is very simple to follow and allows you to create these cute bunny bookmarks that make great alternative presents to Chocolate this Easter...

Red Ted Art are a great source for all things creative so be sure to check out their Website.


#5 Easter Lunch Name Tags

If you're planning on having friends or family round this Easter we love these cute 3D name tags that add a bit of colourful fun to your dining table.
Simply cut out 4/5 egg shapes for each name tag on colourful scrap card or paper. Using a glue gun or sewing machine sew a line down the middle of the card. Then fan out the card so you have a 3D shaped egg. 
For extra personalisation Lars recommends adding a little banner created out if white paper that have the names of your guests written on them. Simply glue this to the egg and your finished!

Thanks to Ashley Isenhour for this craft and beautiful images!





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