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Our Top 5 | Stationery Blogs

Posted by Casey Tucker on

We love sitting down and spending hours reading through stationery articles and posts, learning about the latest trends, what to expect from some of our favourite brands and just indulging in beautifully written posts about our favourite thing; stationery.
So we decided to share them with you. From calligraphy to product reviews here are some of our favourite stationery blogs at the moment.

#1 For Calligraphy

Laura is a full time calligrapher, adding the finishing touches to invitations and wedding favours as well as teaching calligraphy workshops. The blog on her site covers all things writing. Learn how Laura developed her craft through her blog posts or follow her tips on how to practice your writing style and learn calligraphic fonts in just 5 days. As well as being an insight into the life of a Calligrapher Laura also uses her site as a place to offer more generalised lifestyle tips such as ‘5 tips for time management’ so there is always something to learn on her blog.



#2 For Beautiful Paper

This site is managed by Kristen Magee, a Freelance Designer and self-confessed paper addict. As well as writing about all things paper Kristen also has her own shop where she illustrates projects, creates invitations and online images.
Kristen has created an original blog that features discussion topics such as her ‘Weekly Wrap’ that looks at some of the best boutique wrapping paper available on the high street as well as by designers. If you’re looking for inspiration check out her ‘Paper Crafts’ articles that demonstrate simple and more complex crafting projects that you can try out at home.



#3 For Kitsch cards

Hello Lucky encompasses all things cute. A card design company that focuses on creating ‘Happy Mail’ that revives snail mail, this site’s blog combines the cute, funny and colourful parts of stationery. They look at things like why it is increasingly common to use social media to connect with our loved ones and how we can bring back the excitement that mailing a letter created. With seasonal posts such as ‘What to write in your Mother’s day card’ to photographs of handmade cards you can replicate this blog is the perfect way to feel creative and ready to design and send a card or memo to your loved ones.



#4 For informed reviews

The Pen addict subtitles their blog ‘There are worse addictions, right?', and we completely agree. Filled with reviews and detailed lists this humorous and personal blog is a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for somewhere to read more about the latest range of Uni-balls and the pros and cons of using Diamine’s Blood Orange Ink, this is the place for you. Become more informed on your favourite products and learn more about new ones you should try from the Pen Addict.



#5 For Lifestyle

Written by Angela as an escapism from the stresses of University this blog looks at different topics from the most productive ways to journal, the perfect “ingredients” for your new Filofax and the essential pens you need in your pencil case.
With 3106 followers Angela’s blog has grown alongside her life and she reflects this in what she writes about. If you want to indulge yourself in pretty stationery and detailed reviews and thoughts on them then Paper Love Story is the blog for you.

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