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Meet The Brand | Filofax

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Meet Filofax. This well established brand is a go to favourite for unique yet highly practical folders, organisers and planners. We stock over 70 different Filofax products and always look forward to their new releases that inspire us to get our diaries sorted and organise our weeks.

But who are Filofax? How have they maintained their status as a trusted supplier of organisers for over 90 years? And what are we looking forward to them releasing next?

Filofax's History

Firstly, let's look at where it all began. Many people often mistake Filofax for a new brand as their organisers have become increasingly popular over the last decade. However Filofax's origins go back as far as the First World War.

In 1921, after several years of planning, a company based in London was established to create organiser systems. In 1930 they registered their Trademark as "Filofax", derived from their description "File of Facts".

By 1987 it had a retail network of 1250 outlets in the UK alone. With its increased popularity Filofax was no longer just a stationery product, but a must have accessory with department stores and fashion outlets such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols stocking the brand.

After various acquisitions and continuous growth in 2014 Filofax became one entity under the name FLB Group Ltd.

Filofax and their Products

Over the years Filofax has responded to its customers and developed its products to suit their needs. From the initial personal organisers Filofax has created new planners, varying in traditional colours to exciting patterns and even in different sizes. 

Filofax have recognised their vintage appeal re-releasing some of their classic designs to very grateful and loyal customers such as The Original Patent Organiser in Classic Cream.

If traditional is just too plain for you, don't worry Filofax also have designed planners and add-ons that are more colourful than you could have ever wished for. Some of our favourites are the A5 Refillable Notebook available in glittering Rose Gold, Leopard print, Indigo Floral and Pastel dots.

You could even add more colour and pattern with Filofax's diary refills in multicoloured stripes or a deep floral pattern. The beauty of Filofax is that you have the freedom to create your ideal oragniser.

Who uses a Filofax?

Everyone can use a Filofax. Despite reaching its height of popularity in the 80s Filofax have designed patterns and sizes that are still popular today. 

As well as having exciting products Filofax's customers can also be described as nothing less than enthusiastic. It has built up a cult-like following of young and old users who are now proclaiming their love and tips and tricks on how they use their own Filofax's on social media, YouTube and their blogs. One of our favourites is Gala Darling and her explanation of how she's created her ideal organiser using different Filofax products.

The Future of Filofax 

Filofax's new release is their Domino Soft Planner range. Inspired by the soft elegance of Ballerinas this range replicates the dainty dancers, with their plush, pastel coloured planners that are beautiful as well as incredibly practical. You can shop this range on our website, and bask in the pretty planners that Filofax has to offer in a range of sizes to suit anyone's needs.

This new range has made us excited about the upcoming releases Filofax has planned for 2018, and we're currently shopping for our new year diaries!


Why we love Filofax

We love Filofax because, in essence, they have created a simple product that helps us plan our time, work and ideas effectively. However, they have also satisfied all our aesthetic needs by designing organisers that stand out. From the traditional leather Filofax to their Multi-coloured Leopard print organisers there is a Filofax to suit everyone, and we recommend picking up your own as soon as possible.

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