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Meet the Brand | Rhodia

Posted by Casey Tucker on

This week we received the latest new products from the wonderful brand Rhodia. So we thought what better way to celebrate these exciting new items by telling you more about the brand behind some of the most useful and iconic notebooks in the world.


Rhodia's history

Rhodia was one of the first brands that Creoly ever started selling so we're proud to be still introducing new products today.
The company itself originally had very humble beginnings. Two sons of local wholesale merchants for printing paper in Lyon, France developed the company: Verilhac Brothers, in 1932. The partnership was very successful as one brother had studied engineering, so was design led, creating products that were practical as well as unique and the other brother had a strong background in marketing. 
The first Rhodia pad was made in 1934 in Lyon, named after the local area who refer to their inhabitants as Rhodaniens. The Rhodia logo itself also has a strong familial meaning as it represents the two brothers. Like the trees in the logo they are not identical but they still work together to create beautiful products. 
The company continued to grow and in 1997 it was purchased by Clairefontaine who moved it to Alsace, France. 
Even today the Rhodia notepads are still exclusively made on machine No.6, as the company sticks to what its knows best to create high-quality products.


Rhodia's new products

This week we received the latest batch of Rhodia products that we're very excited to share with you.
If you're after a portable, useful notebook then the Webnotebook is the perfect stationery product for you. Available in Orange and Black these A5 Dot Grid books with a sturdy hardback cover these books fit perfectly in any bag and look beautiful on any desk.

Or if you're looking for something for designing and note-taking then the Rhodia Dot Pads or Head Stapled Pads are ideal. These pads perfect for sketching and designing on the go and are micro-perforated meaning you can easily tear out any page that you need to keep safe elsewhere.

However, if you want to stick with the timeless Classic Notebook that Rhodia has to offer look no further. These wire-bound notebooks have stood the test of time and are available with squared or ruled pages depending on your intended use and needs.

If you're excited to see what other products Rhodia continue to release over the year keep an eye on our website!


Why We Love Rhodia

We love this timeless brand because they make products with their customer in mind. Whether you're after a dot grid notebook to design and plan in, or a ruled pad to take notes at a lecture they've got a product for you, and it'll be in brilliant orange or classic black.

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