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Meet the Brand | Fisher Space Pens

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Meet Fisher Space Pen, an innovative and exciting writing brand that aim to make stationery revolutionary!

Who are Fisher Space Pen?

Fisher Space Pen first grew in prominence thanks to the 1968 Apollo mission. Founder, Paul Fisher, invented a retractable, pressurized pen known as the Anti-Gravity 7. The pen was the first of its kind as it worked amazingly well in zero gravity, so was an excellent addition to the Apollo mission. 

After this catapult into fame and with NASA as one of their esteemed customers the brand continued to develop more exciting products.

Today, Fisher is proudly made up of around 65 employees that create the company's unique line of writing instruments.

Despite being a small company Cesar Revles, one of their plant managers admits that "we're all focused on one thing: making a great product."


Our Favourite Products

We love the iconic Bullet Pen. This was one of Fisher's original ideas that was named after its sleek rounded edges and ends that resemble a bullet. Available in 16 colours this pen continues to be a popular gift item for us at Creoly. 

Our favourite has to be the beautiful Blueberry Bullet Pen for it's bold colour and stainless steel precision machined sockets that prevent leaking and oozing ink.

Even today the Bullet Space Pen can be found in the Museum of Modern Art as a permanent exhibit and symbol of American industrial design.


What does the future hold for Fisher?

After developing a working pen to be used in space what else can Fisher aspire to do?

Fisher Space Pen are always thinking about the future and how they can develop stationery that fits beautifully into our day-to-day lives. We're excited to expand our range with Fisher, which initially started with just their famous Pen Clips, but continues to grow today.


Why we love Fisher Space Pen... 

We love Fisher Space because they are a company that are committed to making ordinary pens extraordinary and more in-fitting with the modern world.

All Space Pens are unique in their ability to write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down and in extreme temperatures.The best part is that Space pens are handcrafted to last 3 times longer than the average pen, meaning they are sleek and stylish as well as highly practical.

Try out the brand today on our website and let us know what you think of this exciting collection!

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