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Notebooks | Dot Grid vs. Plain

Posted by Casey Tucker on

We've all heard of plain, grid or ruled pages in a notebook. The lines that guide your writing, drawing and sketching, but what is so different about dot grid notebooks?


What is Dot Grid?

Developed as an alternative to harsh lined pages and traditional boxes this geometric pattern allows freedom and creativity when using your notebook.

A dot grid notebook will feature very light dot marks on the page, in faint rows that form a grid like pattern. These light dots serve as a very subtle guide for your work without impairing your passion and flair.


We have developed a couple of different styles of notebook and journals that feature dot grid that you should definitely check out.

Dot grid allows you to have your cake and eat it, metaphorically speaking as it is all 3 (ruled, grid and plain) in one!


Dot Grid and Bullet Journaling

Dot grid is a relatively new style of page. Thanks to the phenomenon that is Bullet Journaling more and more people were looking for a notebook that was flexible and a place where they could note take, list and sketch freely. 

Dot Grid provides writers with a sense of structure, but only if they need it. This unimposing attitude appealed to creative journalers who wanted a style of paper that matched their new style of diary.


What are the advantages of using ruled, graphed or dotted pages over plain?

It would seem that as a writer you should use lined paper to guide your words and evenly space your sentences, whereas if you're more of an artist you should ditch the patterned paper and just use plain, right?

Sometimes that isn't always the case. 

For note takers...

Horizontal lines, although useful for long paragraphs and regular, repetitive writing, isn't exactly ideal for creative thinkers and note takers. Have you ever had too many ideas in your head and needed to get them down on paper? And when you write them down on lined paper your finished writing looks messy, not organised and you've wasted lines because you wanted to space out your notes?

We're a big fan of dot grid for note taking because of all the reasons above. The dots allow you to not feel restricted by the lines. You can link ideas, create mind maps and still keep your writing neat and organised by following the imaginary lines if you so want.


For artists...


Although plain notebook paper gives you the freedom of using the whole page when sketching dot grid notebooks can also be incredibly helpful. Dot Grid allows artists and designers to add perspective to their sketching. We have developed our Th[ink] dot grid notebooks with designers in mind as the faint dots allow precision if needed but they're also so light they can be completely ignored if needed. 


Why we love Dot Grid patterns


We're not giving up traditional paper types just yet as plain paper will always be useful for sketching and lines will forever be our go to when writing stories, but we're a big fan of giving this new paper style a go!

Dot grid is unimposing, it's light and faint allowing you to have structure when you need it but a full blank page when you don't. We have developed a range of Th[ink] journals and notebooks that use dot grid instead of plain, or ruled or even grid paper as we want notebooks that everyone can use and that suit the writer's needs. They're perfect for designing or bullet journaling as you can do everything in one book. Gone are the days when one lined notebook was for writing in and another plain paged journal was for sketching - dot grid allows you to do both easily!

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