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Our Top 5 | Christmas Craft Projects

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Christmas is fast approaching, so to celebrate the festive season we looked at some simple craft projects that you can do to decorate the house or make your desk feel that little bit more Christmassy.


#1 Modern Paper Lanterns

This craft takes minimal effort, but you can end up creating beautiful modern hanging lanterns that fit in with your colour scheme. All you need for this simple yet effective craft is some card (in the colours of your choice) scissors, a hole punch and some metal eyelets to secure the holes you make. 

Start by cutting the card into 1 1/2" strips. Make two strips that are 12" long, these will form the outside curve of the lantern, then two strips at 10", for the middle curves and then one strip that's 8 3/4" long for the centre. 

Put all the strips together so that they are all held together at one end. Then make a hole punch at this end. Secure the hole by placing the metal eyelet in the hole. 

Then repeat the process by lining up the opposite ends. Once aligned the strips should form their curved shape. Secure these ends by hole punching the ends together and placing another metal eyelet clip in this hole to secure it. 

If you don't have any metal eyelets you could simply secure the ends with a stapler, or some adhesive glue, whatever you prefer. 

Finally thread some string or ribbon through the eyelet and hand from the tree or ceiling.


#2 Pine cone Christmas Trees

These are the perfect Christmas addition to any desk. All you need is a pine cone, some old wine corks, green spray paint, buttons or mini wooden stars and some adhesive (we recommend a hot glue gun but super glue will also work).

Next time you're out for a wintery stroll pick up some pine cones and take them home. Then all you need to do is spray paint the tips of the cone green so it looks like a real tree. Remember to put down some newspaper or spray paint outside as the paint will get everywhere!

Once dry, cut a win cork in half and glue it to the bottom of the pine cone to make a base. 

Then add the finishing touches by gluing a wooden star, button or any other small decoration to the top of the tree.

This simple craft can then be hung from the tree as a decoration or sit on your desk at work to make you feel that little bit more Christmassy.


#3 Snowflake Wrapping 

This is a really simple way to make your presents stand out underneath the tree. 

All you need is some paper (this can be just in plain white but we've also used glittery card or coloured paper to create different effects), some scissors, some ribbon or twine and, of course, your wrapped present to decorate. 

Simply cut out holes in your folded up piece of paper to create a snowflake effect once opened. 

Then all you need to do is place it on top of your parcel and wrap a bow around the present to secure it,you could even add some buttons for that little bit extra. 

This is super easy to do but it looks like it took you ages to create this perfect gift wrap!


#4 The perfect Christmas Card

Another really simple yet effective craft are these 3D Christmas Tree Cards!

All you need is some card, a ruler and some scissors. Start by folding the card in half so you have your base. Then cut the folded side of the card, starting from a few millimeters above the base of the card. The idea is to create 'bars' that form the trees branches.


After you've created incisions that slowly decrease in size as you near the top of the card (like shown above), you are ready to pop out the bars. Once opened you should be able to see your 3D tree shape inside the card!


#5 Modern Christmas Wreath

If you're not a fan of the traditional green leafed wreath this Christmas why not create something more modern?

This wreath is really simple to make as you only need some adhesive, scissors, a wooden embroidery hoop and some decorated paper straws. Yes it's made out of straws!

Simply cut the straws so they're different lengths and glue them around the embroidery hoop. You can add another layer of straws if you want a fuller effect to the wreath. 

Then all you have too do is hang up the wreath and watch people marvel at your crafting skills.


Let us know if you have any other simple crafts that we can try this festive season!






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