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Meet The Brand | Retro 1951

Posted by Casey Tucker on

Meet Retro 1951, an exciting American brand that we're very happy to be working with this year!

About the Brand

Retro 1951 has been around since 1990 with a focus on producing  unique gifts and writing tools. At its heart Retro believes that the pen is a perfect gift as it will last for years and serve as a token of achievement and memories through the things you write and the instruments you use.
With this focus on creating gifts that were colourful and fun Retro expanded into leather accessories, refills and "other cool stuff" that encapsulated their unusual style and vintage approach to modern trends. 

The Tornado

1997 saw the introduction of arguably one of Retro's most famous and well loved pens, the Tornado! Originally created in just three colours the pen sold fast across the world. Since then the Tornado collection has continued to grow with different colours, sizes and modes of writing.
Check out our favourite Tornado products such as the Retro Tornado Rollerball in classic Brown if you want a pen that is practical as well as stylish. But, you better be quick as these popular pens are selling fast!

Why we love Retro 1951...

We love Retro 1951 because we agree with their motto that 'Life is too short for an ugly pen'! Retro encapsulates fashion, colour and fun which is everything you need in your stationery. The brand works because they combine vintage with current trends, creating writing instruments that capture our imaginations and ignite that nostalgic sense of 'the good ol' days' and the American dream.
Keep up to date with the newest Retro products that we stock on our website here. Or check out the wonderful Retro 1951 website to learn more about this fantastic brand.

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