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Meet The Brand | Nuuna

Posted by Casey Tucker on


Meet Nuuna, the brand that's bringing notebooks into the 21st century. 

Nuuna go by the theory that notebooks are essential in storing new and exciting ideas - so that's what they should look like. This motto has meant that everything Nuuna creates is useful, practical but also contains new ideas themselves. For example they are made of Swedish premium paper, thread-stitched, bound in smooth leather and are detailed with cover motifs applied by silk-screen printing.


The unique aspect of Nuuna is that these notebooks are small design objects in their own right, collector's pieces signalling the beginning of the end for boring journals!


Our Favourite Products

Available in large or small we're very excited to start stocking some of Nuuna's classic designs. The stunning silk-screen printed graphics bring these chunky notebooks to life.

Find out more about each design here.


Why we love Nuuna

1.They're made to be carried. 
We've always got a notebook in our hands and Nuuna understand this. Therefore all their covers are made from a soft leather, or jeans-like material meaning they feel good but are also robust and durable.
2.They're made to be pieces of art
Nuuna dislikes the idea of    anyone owning a plain black  notebook. Where's the fun in  that? Because of this all their notebooks are seen as  beautiful objects, with unique patterns, designs and colour work.


3. They're made to be high quality

Yes Nuuna are committed to creating beautifully aesthetic notebooks, but they also understand the importance of paper. Made with robust, opaque 120g Munken fine paper which is naturally FSC certified these notebooks are made to be written in. 

4. They're made to be Eco-friendly

Nuuna are passionate about the environment, drawing on solar systems and nature to create their cover designs. Using sustainable materials to produce notebooks to the highest environmental standards and supporting reforestation projects means Nuuna are passionate about more than just notebooks.


Check out more of Nuuna's notebook collection on our website, and let us know your favourite design.

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