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Rotring - 23ml Ink Bottle - Black

Rotring - 23ml Ink Bottle - Black


  • £7.99


  • High density of pigment particles for opacity and lightfastness
  • Line sharpness and adhesiveness
  • Fast drying on media and waterproof
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as lineboard, tracing paper or vellum drawing paper
  • Not for any use on skin, including tattoos

About the brand:

The Bauhaus School of Art & Design inspired the unification of art with craft while embracing new technologies for mass production. Arguably the most celebrated design school in history, Bauhaus thinkers felt the world needed to be fundamentally and critically re-thought, bringing “art into industry”. Good design became defined by minimalism and simplicity, this thinking and aesthetic approach to design has had a huge influence on Rotring design.