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New Kaweco Nostalgic Clip | Black

New Kaweco Nostalgic Clip | Black


  • £9.95


  • New Kaweco Nostalgic Octagonal Sport Pen Clip
  • New Black Colour
  • Suitable for all Pens and Pencils in the Sport Series
  • Perfect for attaching pens to your pocket or thin notebook
  • Made in Germany


Keep your pen safe and always on you with this new Kaweco Nostalgic Sport Clip Pen. Based on the much loved Kaweco Octagonal design this clip simply attaches to your pen to allow you to secure it to your pocket or thin notebook. Kaweco have released this new colour in beautiful balck so be sure to pick up your and accessorize your favourite pen today! The nostalgic Sport clip is suitable for all pens and pencils in the "Sport" series except for the AL Sports Touch.