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mt Washi Masking Tape - Flourescent Set of 6 Rolls

mt Washi Masking Tape - Flourescent Set of 6 Rolls


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  • 6 x rolls of waterproof MT washi masking tape made from Japanese rice paper (genuine MT Kamoi Kakoshi and produced in Japan)
  • Washi tape is not as thick as most crepe paper masking tapes. This assures the tape conforms to shapes, works better on corners, and leaves a finer line on projects.
  • Semi-transparent so it can be layered for better effect especially in crafting applications.
  • Easy to write on so it’s great for making notes or messages, can be torn by hand, is easy to re-position and can be used on most surfaces and will peel off without damage.
  • Each tape measures 15mm wide by 5m long

About the Brand

mt 'washi' masking tape is an extensive and exciting range including rolls in hundreds of different colours and patterns; from plain pastel shades to fluorescent hues, popular polka-dots to strong stripes. mt slim comes in matching sets for those more precise crafting projects whilst the rolls in the mt for kids collection fit perfectly in a child's palm with patterns aimed to nurture their sensitivity. Seasonal designs for events such as Halloween and Christmas make great additions to the collection and various sets are available ideal for gift giving throughout the year. Meet our artists who make up the Artist collection and discover intricate, quirky and themed tapes from the mt ex collection to round off the selection.