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Lamy - Pico Ballpoint Pen - Includes NEW 2019 Limited Edition Neon Green!


  • £35.99


  • 2019 SPECIAL EDITION in bright and shiny NEON GREEN now available!
  • This pocket-sized LAMY Pico ballpoint pen is also available in matt chrome, matt black lacquer, matt dark blue lacquer, shiny white, plus shiny neon orange.
  • Small, handy, and surprisingly practical, the LAMY Pico shows its full potential when expanded.
  • Comes with one LAMY M22 compact refill in black.
  • Designed by Franco Clivio.

An innovative pocket pen which transforms to a full-grown ballpoint pen thanks to its sophisticated push mechanism. Nice and small when lying on the table, the LAMY pico only shows what it can do when slight pressure is applied. At the press of a finger the LAMY Pico extends from 9 cm to 12 cm. Another press of the finger and the LAMY pico makes itself small again and the writing tip retracts into the body.