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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Set in Brass (Medium Nib) + 12 Ink Cartridges


  • £80.99


  • Kaweco Al Sport Brass: classic octagonal design from the traditional brand for writing instruments.
  • Includes 12 original Kaweco ink cartridges in the colour Black (Pearl Black).
  • Nib thickness M: allows for a flowing font with medium stroke width.
  • Brass: the fountain pen is made of solid brass (brass) and therefore perfect gift.
  • Compact: the fountain pen measures 10.5 cm, with cap 13 cm. Perfect for on the go.

About the brand:

The fountain pen from the Al Sport series from Kaweco from Heidelberg has the iconic octagonal shape that is typical for fountain pens and writing instruments from the traditional brand from Heidelberg. This fountain pen is made from raw brass. Please note that brass oxidises over time with use. Thanks to the contact with oxygen and the natural skin grease, the fountain pen creates a beautiful patina. This is expressly desired. With a silver or metal cleaning cloth, the fountain pen can be quickly polished over and over again. The nib width M glides easily and cleanly over the paper, making writing fun. The set includes the fountain pen, two packs of original Kaweko ink cartridges, with a total of 12 cartridges. Choose your favourite colour for the ink under black, blue, red, green and grey.