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Creoly Early Bird Club


What is the Creoly Early Bird Club?

For small businesses like Creoly, getting good quality feedback about our products is essential for product development and supporting our customers with purchasing decisions.  We decided to establish a group of stationery addicts and like-minded individuals to tell us what you really think. 


What's in it for me?

The Early Bird Club is a select affair for discerning individuals.  When we are getting ready to launch a new product, we will send you a sample so you can let us know your thoughts.  You will get an exclusive look at all our new stationery before it hits the shelves, and the opportunity to influence what we develop next.

Your feedback also helps our customers. Did you know 68% of of customers rely on product reviews to make purchasing decisions, but only 5% of customers leave product reviews.


How does it work?

Simply apply to join our club below, successful applicants will be sent out products free of charge, and in return all that we ask is that you tell us what you really think about the product, by writing a review within 7 days of receiving the sample.

It's really that simple.


How do I apply to join?

Click here to apply to join the Early Bird Club