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J.HERBIN "1798" Ink Bottle 50ml- Deep Purple


  • £20.99


  • Jacques Herbin 1798 fountain pen ink
  • A deep rich purple in the velvety hue of a rare gemstone
  • Features a silver, lustrous shimmering effect
  • 50ml glass bottle
  • Sealed with hand-dipped wax

Jacques Herbin 1798 Collection fountain pen ink Amethyste de L'Oural is a deep rich purple in the velvety hue of the rare Ural Mountain Amethyst. Featuring a silver, lustrous shimmer, it is sold in a 50ml wide mouth glass jar that has a hand-dipped wax seal cap and purple wax seal 1798 on the bottle. The color of the ink suggest the color of royalty, while the ancient gemstone it is inspired by, was prized for its calming, meditative and lucid dreaming qualities. 1798 commemorates a turning point in the history of France.